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Safe Driving with Jamaica’s GPS Navigation System

on March 27th, 2009 by NaomiOneLove

The launch of Jamaica’s first GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) navigation system has certainly got the interest of many inclusive of motorists, car rental companies, car dealers, taxi drivers, and others in Jamaica and other countries. This user-friendly system I am sure will make many persons very happy. For tourists, no more fumbling with paper road maps, no more asking directions of persons on the roads.

It is reported that the system carries 10,000 Jamaican roads and features places of interest such as attractions, service stations, restaurants, police station, banks.  For those who were concerned about road safety, it is noteworthy that the Mona GeoInformatics Institute in its work to introduce the system to Jamaica gave thought to the safety of travelers/motorists. The system is programmed to avoid troubled neighborhoods / risky routes, taking the motorist on alternate routes. The system is also programmed in French, Chinese, and English and check this out…….. there are plans for the Jamaican accent Yeah Man, No Problem, Yah Mon!

Fidelity Motors distributors of Nissan motor vehicles in Jamaica is already ‘on the ball’ with getting motorists to utilize the navigation system. The company will be providing the system as well as a tracking device free of cost with purchase of a Nissan vehicle. This offer will expire at the end of March 2009

I have been so fascinated with this GPS device which saves me from being lost and gets me quickly to my destination traveling in the USA.  I have been waiting for a long time wondering if it would ever be introduced in Jamaica with its winding roads and new Highways.  I think it is certainly worth the two and a half years of work (hard work I am sure). Thanks to Mona GeoInformatics Institute for introducing this technology.

So if you are like me who was watching and hoping and couldn’t wait. Then by now you already have your own GPS device. So just go and get your programmed chip for a small one time fee of approx. $115 USD, no setup or monthly fees required.

Hooray! Jamaican country roads……..here I come!

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7 Responses to “Safe Driving with Jamaica’s GPS Navigation System”

  1. David Dunn says:

    Apart from product debugging and regular “lab tests”, has anyone tested this yet? Someone like a typical non-techy.

  2. GPS says:

    The GPS navigation systems are really helpful for finding one’s way while driving. However one should always go for products on which one can get at least some review. :-)

  3. Need information regarding navigating on the roads of Jamaica from North to South and East to West.

  4. Need information regarding navigating on the roads of Jamaica.

  5. Over a year and still not even one review? Hasn’t anybody purchased one yet?

  6. polly says:

    Oh Yes! the GP system is doing quite well. Mostly companies. the securiy force as well have given good reviews on the efficiency of the system It has been just a year so there is naturally room for improvement and I am sure that’s been worked on.

  7. kareema says:

    Is there a special kind of navigation system that I can purchase ?which brand is best?

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